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Originally Posted by allwright1 View Post
Thank you ladies for all the sweet things you've had to say! I kinda thought I had it... but I wasn't sure. I so wanted to say I WON! after I saw it in the newsletter... but I figured I better wait until others had seen it... and I didn't want to sound too obnoxious!

Candi, I am so sorry for your losses this last month. I am so glad SAS was a good distraction for you. I have found SAS to be a fun place with lots of very nice people.
Hi there, thank you sooo much. I appreciate your kind words! I really, really love it here and feel like I have found a new home away from home.
Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies!!

Now that the "post the most" contest is over, perhaps I'll actually get some layouts completed and posted!!!! Perhaps I'll even join one of the challenges this months!!! We'll see about that....not sure.... still having issues "resizing" by huge photos onto a layout. I know there must be some easy way to fix this issue....haven't found it yet. My photos are very large in size because I wanted the best quality for printing.... I'll figure it all out. However, if someone might now of a link to a tutorial on resizing photos to a particular size (without losing quality) that'd be awesome. I am a bit challenged when it comes to some of this stuff....:eek:
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