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Exclamation Security in your computer

I know this is not exactly a tutorial or scrapbooking related, but today again I have read of someone having a computer crash and losing kits. So I have thought it could be a good idea to post some tips, ideas or articles related to just computer maintenance, so we could avoid computer crashes or in the worse case scenario at least not losing either kits, photos, layouts or other documents.

This a very interesting article I have just finished reading from the CNET website. It talks about securing your computer and gives you alternatives to free Firewall, antivirus, spyware and other security programs. So now there is no excuse to have a computer that might be at risk of losing files due to security problems

Security Starter Kit: Protecting your PC

If anyone has any doubt with the article or anything related to the issues dealt by the article, just post them here, so someone can help.
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