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Originally Posted by TerrellS View Post
FYI these kits are most likely illegal and copyright protected. Unless they have written permission to use these characters, the kits are illegally posted and to use them is also a crime. If this person had paid for the right to use them, I doubt they would be giving them away as freebies. Any sites giving away/selling characters such as these, Disney, Looney Tunes etc are illegal.
You make a good point. That's why I can't go giving away Dora the Explorer stuff even though my daughter is wayyy into it.

It is also what keeps people from just scanning in paper scrapbooking products they buy at the store and re-packaging them and selling them or giving them away, and it is what keeps artists in business.

There is a lot of controversy about piracy, theft, and other illegal use of intellectual and creative property. This post makes me think about my views on the subject, but also could open a big can of worms
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