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Default I'm a new blogger!

Ok, I think I have enough courage to show this off. I'm in the Design Academy class taught by Sherah of SkrapperDigitals available here at SAS. One of our lessons was on blogging and we were encouraged to set up our own blogs. My blog will be following my progress of becoming a digi-designer (with a few friends and family quips and promotions along the way). I've only had it up a week and a half. And this past weekend I broke a tooth and haven't been keeping it up (you can read all about it on the blog). But, if you have the time, and just want to be an encouragement to this nervous novice, you can stop by my new blog and check out my progress. It's best if you scroll down to "older posts" and start from the beginning reading upwards (I think there are only 8 or 9 posts total but only 5 on a page to keep it manageable.) Or you can be like some people and read "the back of the book" first. Mwahahahaha! Either way you want to do it is fine but please stop in and keep me from going insane talking to myself. Thanks, everyone!
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