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Default Spread The Love-Gallery Game!

Here's another game idea I saw that I thought would be fun! Many times there are some fabulous layouts in the gallery that get lost in the shuffle, so to speak, and end up with no comments! :eek: Our job is to "Spread The Love" to those layouts and give some warm fuzzies to our fellow scrappers!

Rules are:
1. I will post a link to a layout that has received no comments
2. Go to the layout and leave a comment & come back here to let us know you "spread the love"
3. The 5th person to comment on that layout chooses another layout with no comments and posts the link back here in this thread.
4. Every 5th person to comment on a layout must choose another layout with no comments and post the link back here.

Here is the first layout to "spread the love"

Merry Christmas
by Marta van Eck
*avatar created by Elaina, aka nightshadow ( her!)
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