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Originally Posted by Nani View Post
I have to sit this one out. I can't read it at all. I've looked at all the layouts posted so far and can't read a one of them LOL So it didn't give me any ideas that I need to use one color combination of the other. I just can't read the font.

I do have an actually common form of dyslexia that makes it hard for me to see foregrounds first, I actually see the white page before I can focus on the letters when I read a book, so that might be it. But even after trying to refocus, like I do when I read, I just couldn't see any letters in it. If I used it anyway, everyone would know if I made a typo but me! hehe

Even if I can't read them, the layouts in the gallery still look great, Ladies!
Nani - I'm having great difficulty reading this font as well; so you're not alone. Perhaps you can just consider it to be splotches of paint and create an 'artsy' layout with that in mind? Maybe create a one word title (type it outside your scrapping software and cut and paste if you're afraid of making a typo) and use it as a backdrop? Just a thought.
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