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sorry, when i posted this link
i didn't think about copyrights.
i agree with your oppinions about piracy,
but in some cases i have conflicting oppinions.

for instance in digiscrapping,
if there is a designer creating his kits and selling them
it's really a loss if someone copys and spread it all over the net,
but in cases like disney or something similar
i'm critical.
they earn so huge amounts of money with their stuff
and make our kids addicted to them
and we all pay a lot to satisfy our kids,
i may not think about the money i spent for teletubbies,
my aunt had to buy them in oklahoma and sent them to me,
because that time we couldn't get them here.that was really expensive.
so i think it's not so bad to make a scrapping-kit with that stuff
to scrap our kids with their favorite characters.
and they (the blogger) don't earn one cent with it.
it's no loss for these companies.

i would think differrent if they would offer scrapping kits themselves.
but whatever i think, it's forbidden and we have to respect
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