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Lisa, if you can draw manga type characters I for one would certainly love a kit. I have six grandsons whom I adore and another grandchild due on Christmas Eve who is probably not going to be a princess to join my princes! Not to worry, I have learnt to play football! Manga pages for the boys would be great as they all so love those type of characters and to be guaranteed to be okay to use would be lovely. If you ever do it make sure you put a post up as I for one would buy it! Hugs from England - Pat. p.s. to all - I think this has been really helpful to me as I am so new to using internet and downloading etc. I have learnt a lot from this set of messages and I am glad that some of my comments on freebies are occasionally helpful. If someone is generous enough to let me download and use their own artistic endeavours it seems so little to pay in return to say thankyou and leave a comment on why I particularly liked the design. I do a little designing myself again now and I know what darned hard work it is! Perhaps one day I too shall produce something good enough to share with others - I'm working on it.
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