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The Font Thing (TFT) is absolutely wonderful!! Having fonts in your computer's system font folder can really slow down your computer because everytime you open a program that uses fonts all of those fonts have to load up so it is best to keep them in a different folder. The Font Thing allows you to view all of them and even very quickly install them into your system font folder when you want to use one. It even knows which ones are installed and places a mark (my XP has a flying window) beside them. If you find you really don't use an installed font very often you can just use TFT to uninstall it from your system font folder and reinstall it from your separate font folder anytime. I am surprised that it is still free because most of us who use it would gladly pay for it because it works SO well! The absolute BEST thing about TFT is that you are viewing the actual font so you can see exactly what it looks like!!!!!
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