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Default March 2009 Daily Download Challenge

Hi and welcome to this new challenge at SAS. You are already collecting the Daily Download in the store, right? So all you have to do is create a partial LO with the pieces that you collect the first week and post it in the SAS Daily Download Gallery and receive a bonus!! After you collect the next week's pieces add some or all to your partial LO, post it in the gallery and receive another bonus! Do all 4 weeks and collect all 4 bonuses! At the end post your finished Final LO and receive a Final bonus. Easy, right? I hope you enjoy it! Since this is new to SAS please be sure to post your questions if you get stuck.
Week 1 - Mar 9
Week 2 - Mar 16
Week 3 - Mar 23
Week 4 - Mar 30
Final LO - Apr 3
By midnight US PST (GMT -

Post your LO's in the DAD LO Gallery

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