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Originally Posted by redaztecmom View Post
What a pretty font. It was perfect for my springy layout. I did notice one funny thing about it though and it may just be my wayward computer. Every time I got past about twenty letters or so, my PSE 5 program would just shut off. After about four times of this I just chose another font for the top part of my layout. I didn't have any problem with the larger title, just the smaller upper part. I dont' know if this happened to anyone else or if it's just my computer being stubborn, which is a distinct possiblilty. Anyway, here's my layout:


I can't wait to get that gorgeous posting bonus! I have lot's of spring things to scrap.

Lots of times when i'm working on a page and i start working with the text my pscs2 shuts down too! i always try to remember to save my work in progress but sometimes i forget and it's like noooooooo! ugh! i didn't realize that it may be a certain font..possibly.....
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