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Default Easter Sunday 1952

I really like this font - I just hope it is the right one! I had so much trouble getting this font, an OTF file, to work in my programs and finally had to resort to using one program (Photo Impact) to create the layout and PSP to do the font work. I could get the font to work in PSP and in Photoshop (only after installing it in Photoshop's local font folder), but Photo Impact and Microsoft Word and The Font Thing could not even see it and the Microsoft Font Viewer said it was not a valid font file. I downloaded the font four times from four different sites, including the web site for the man who developed it as a font and had the same problems in each instance. I have never had this problem with any other OTF font. But, be that as it may, I learned a few new trick for installing fonts and my layout, including the font, is posted here:


Thanks for looking and thanks for a really pretty font

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