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A- Anne from Green Gables
B - Barney Rubble (Flintstones)
C - Cookie Monster
D - Dudley (Harry Potter's spoiled cousin)
E - Elrond (Elf King, Lord of the Rings)
F - Frankenstein
G - Godzilla
H - Herman Munster
I - Igor (Dr. Frankenstein's assistant)
J - Jillian Jiggs (character from a children's book)
K - King Kong
L- Lil Lulu (comic book character way back)
M - Mickey Mouse
N - Nemo
O - Oscar the Grouch
P - Porky Pig (I think he was in comicbooks too... I hope)
Q - Quackerjack bady from ducktales ( I looked it up, Q is too hard unless you just go for Queen in all the disney movies LOL

R - Rocky and Bullwinkle - just watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!!
S - Sylvester
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