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A - Anteater
B - Baboon
C - Cheetah
D - Dingo
E - Emu
F - Fox (we used to have foxes in our neighborhood... the babies are so adorable!)
G - Goat
H - Hummingbird
I - Iguanna
J - Jack Rabbit
K - Koala
L - Lama
M- Mongoose
N- Newt
O- Ostrich
P - Praying Mantis
Q- Quoll
R - Rabbit
S - Sasquatch
T - Tiger
U - Unicorn (OK?)
V- Viper
W- Walrus
X - Xenops (don't ask me what it is... WikiAnswers says that this is the only animal that starts with "X")
Y - Yak

Xenops is a little bird. Usually found in Venezuela.
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