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Originally Posted by allwright1 View Post
You all are doing such a great job on your lo's... but I've noticed lots of lo's without credits. Being on a CT it is very important that you properly credit your lo's. As a Ct member you are preserving your memories and making great lo's... but you are also selling kits.

To properly credit your lo's make sure you add the name of the kit you are using and the maker and if possible add the link to find the kit in the store. For the kit you are using for this contest you can say created by SAS Design Team or you can name the pieces you used and credit the designer(s) who created those pieces.
Oh, d'oh! on the credits. I didn't think to do that - and what an oops! I know better lol

I shall correct that posthaste - and big thanks for pointing me at the obvious. I so need that at times :-D
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