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Oh, Tammara! It's really not that hard! Jeanette has even supplied a very basic beginner's blinkie tutorial that is super easy to follow!

I had no clue how to make blinkies until the contest last year! That's when I went in search of some tutorials and discovered that they really are SUPER EASY... they're just time consuming, especially if you want lots of animation!

C'mon... give it a try! You'll learn how to make them, then you won't ever have to confess again! LOL!
As far as blinkies in your siggy, that's pretty easy too! You just need someone to give you the instruction's is all!

First, I would start with signing up for a Photobucket Account (it's free!). Once you have the account set up, upload your blinkies to Photobucket & it will supply you with an [IMG] code.

Go to USERCP here in the forum, look at the list on the left side and find "Edit Signature" under the Settings & Options section.

Once under Edit Signature you should see a box just like when posting a comment here in the forum.

Copy the [IMG] code from Photobucket & paste into the box! Now, click on Preview Signature at the bottom and see if your image has appeared (box at top of page)

You can add text, links and any other images you want! Once you are done and you like the way it looks, click Save Signature and that's it! You now have your "underwear" on and you won't be running around naked anymore! :p
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