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Default who wants a free blinkie or banner?

Hi everyone! i need to make a name for my blinkie/banner service that i will be opening soon in a store near you.. but i am terrible at picking names so i have a contest for you all.. throw me some names for my designer service and i will make you a banner or blinkie for the winning name. If it is awesome i will make both for you....can't wait to see the names...
{{hugs and smooches}}
Carmen @???????????????designs-custom made blinkies and banners

here are some ideas already

Blink of an Eye Animations
Blinkie Sombrero (to coincide with your Crazy Sombrero!) or The Flashy Sombrero
Carmen: Animated
Carminated... LOL! Sounds like Terminated, they may think you're the Terminator!
Blinking Bloomers (HAHAHAHA....sorry!)
Blinkin' the Night Away or Flashin' the Night Away
Carmen's Creations
Blinkies & Banners Custom Design
Animation Station
Madame Sparkle
Blinkie Bling
Firefly Designs (fireflies are blinkies )
madame firefly (like madame butterfly, but fireflies are blinkies)
blink ya later! (how dumb was that?) lol

here are some of my blinkies that i made

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