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Default September's Genealogy Lesson

Lesson 1: Getting Started: What is the difference between genealogy & family history?

Genealogy is a record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person, family, group, etc. Genealogists study family ancestries and histories. To begin studying your own family genealogy, begin by writing own what you already know. Start by taking out a sheet of paper, and writing down your full name, your birth date, your birthplace, your marriage date and the place you married. For Example:

Jane Doe
Born: 17 May 1950
Place: Los Angeles, California
Married: 4 Jun 1974
Place: Los Angeles, CA.

After you written this down you’ve started your genealogy! Pretty simple, isn’t it? Next you’ll want to write down as much of the same information down for your spouse, children, and parents and grandparents as you know. For those who have passed on, you will include the death dates and places as well.

Once you have written down all that you know, you will want to enter that information onto a pedigree chart. A pedigree chart, also referred to as a “family tree” is generally the totality of 'ones ancestors represented as a tree structure, or more specifically, a chart used in genealogy. This will help you keep track of your genealogy.

There are many good software programs that make record keeping easy, but we won’t go into that quite yet. For now, go HERE to print off a pedigree chart and write down what you already know.

After you have finished writing down what you already know on your pedigree chart, you will want to ask older relatives for information they might have. We will discuss ho to do this in the next lesson.


While finding the names, dates & places of our family is genealogy, turning what we find into a story that tells about their lives is family history. People who scrapbook are already family historians. Most everyone who scrapbooks started doing so to preserve their family memories for the generations to come. Genealogy will help us learn more about our family’s story and will help us extend our story to include those who have lived before us. There is so much we can learn about our ancestors to recreate their lives and produce a fascinating family history to be enjoyed by generations to come! In future lessons, I will teach you how to do just that.

In closing, I just want to explain the purpose and mission of the Genealogy & Heritage Center here at Stone Accents.

Genealogy Lesson- Each month a lesson will be posted teaching you about how to do genealogy research.

Genealogy Help Wanted- If you have a research problem you want help with, post your questions on this forum. Jan W. & I will use our experience & expertise to help you come up with solutions.

Heritage Challenges- Each month, Jan & I will host 4 challenges to help you create your heritage album! 2 of the challenges are contests. These are the Heritage Layout of the Month and Down Through the Eras Contest. To compete, purchase a kit from the SAS boutique and submit a layout. Each participant who submits a layout using a SAS kit will receive a prize and the winners will win coupons for free kits. The winners will also be featured in SAS’s newsletter.

The other two challenges are for fun and each participant will receive a prize at the end. Participants are not required to purchase kits from our designers for the Life History Challenge or the Scrap Your Genealogy Challenge.

Welcome! We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!
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