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Originally Posted by Piggyscraps View Post
It's a little before midnight here in Toinyland but we have a definite winner and I'm calling it!

#181 won for this, our brandnew Stone Accents Studio, site design:

It's been an incredibly exciting and nailbiting journey waiting to see who would win. I am so touched and pleased with the amazing turnout and beautiful work done by all the contestants. Truly, truly spectacular and I cannot thank you all enough for participating.

#181 is our very own Sherah from SKrapper Digitals here at SAS. Being a Designer, winning a years worth of PU isn't really a deal, LOL, so she gets a big increase in her commission. Congratulations Sherah!!!!

I do, however, want to acknowledge another contestant, #161. #161 did some fabulous work as well and her entries got the #2 and the #3 winning spots. #161 is the superb Tammara!

Tammara, I absolutely love your work! And for that, I think you deserve the years worth of free PU products! Congratulations!!! Details will be coming to you via PM tomorrow.

Again, I cannot thank you all enough for participating, sharing your amazing contributions, and making Stone Accents Studios a lively, bubbling, fun place to be!


sorry if this has been written..when does the site get the new makeover/upgrade..looking forward to seeing the fresh new look!
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