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How fun! YAY May!

Save in png-24, it allows for a greater color range in the saved file, and better resolution when printed.

Likewise, when you save your 300 dpi jpeg files save at least at "10" High to retain the proper printing resolution.

Kit size & price vary.

Standard elements are 20-40 elements
Standard paper is 12-20

Someone correct me if I'm wrong

What is most important is the quality, the design and the uniqueness. If you take only the free CU products out there and recolor & call it a day... no one is going to jump up & down with excitement.



Originally Posted by zzaa_za View Post
I am now starting to create a kit.
Not sure how it's going to work but anyway it's quite fun.

I have some questions.
When we save the file in png format, there's a png 8 and png 24, which one should I choose? (normally, I choose png24)
The second question is, how dose it count to be a normal kit (numbers of papers and elements)?

Thank you

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