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Kim, Countries wil be difficult for me since my family from both side lived in the netherlands from the time we could trace them about 1425.
So perhaps a LO about a periode, like what happend in 1814 in the world and specially in the area your family lived. or if you kbow their occupations scrap aboutthat. One of my accesters was shipping peat to Amsterdam

I made a family fan for my mother I only had pictures of her and two generation above, but put all the names of the ancestors in it.

As for grave yards, that will be a good idea. Although both my grandparents have been cremated so that will be difficult, but I can take a picture of where theis ashes where scatterd. In my husbands family the have prayerpictures (translate bidprentje (dutch)) so I like to scrap them some time.

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