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Default Intermittent trouble logging in

JUst wondering if anyone else is having this trouble. Sometimes I come to the site & have no problems logging in at all. Other times I login & get a window thanking me for logging in & redirects me to the forum or gallery but when I get there I am not logged in. I can read everything but can't post etc. I try to re log in several times & get the same result. This has been going on for awhile now.But now with the birthday party games etc. I am afraid I maybe not be able to log in when I need to. I was logged in earlier today & posted in the forums;then this eve I tried to log in to fix my SAS BD blinkie I couldn't get logged in again. Now I got in so thought I better write a post about it so you know what is happening if I can't respond to BD games etc as I need to.
Am I alone in this predicament? I tried refreshing page but that doesn't seem to help.Any suggestions??

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