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Default Happy Birthday!

Well I guess you will get a LOT of birthday wishes today!!! And not JUST because people drool over, say, your Faded Sunshine and Aquarium Friends kits either . Seriously, have a great one - 42 is YOUNG! It's not like you're 50 or anything! ahahahaha! Though this year I turned 38, and didn't think "Geez, I'm almost 40" but rather, "Geez, it's not very long before I'll be 50!" . Go figger.
So Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Toiny! (umm, thank you Google language tools, that looks waaay too difficult to say). How about ¡feliz cumpleaños! Or joyeux anniversaire! (don't French people have a different word for birthday & anniversary?) Or even Siku ya kuzaliwa yenye furaha! (that's Swahili - love Google). all the best to you! :p

Jennifer aka Knittinjen