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OMGoodness... Ladies, there is such a thing as "Too much of a good thing." I love honey and like cinnamon, and I know they are both really good for us, so after reading the list of good stuff I decided to make me a cup 'o H/C tea. Ladies, please measure your cinnamon!! I used a silverware tea spoon, and it was not quite fully "heaping" - OY VEY! Waaaaaay too much, almost enough to make me not want to eat cinnamon ever again But I drank it anyway, nose plugged and watered down, I didn't want to waste my precious heaping spoonful of honey!! :p I'll try again tomorrow...

Random thoughts about H & C:
** Don't microwave honey (I didn't see that in the article) - you'll kill all the good stuff. You can "uncrystalize" it by heating in warm water (my house is so cold in the winter it crytalizes all the time)

** Don't give honey to children under age 2 because the bacteria can make them really sick (probably already knew that, but it's worth repeating)

** My FIL can't eat cinnamon because it gives him gas (sometimes one has to share their TMI!!) I NEEDED to know this because I had to leave the C out of pumpkin pie (?!?!?) Thanks for letting me share one of my retina-blinding images
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