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Red face

Oooo maternal leave with a one-year-old! Sounds heavenly. I just moved to Germany & the parental leave here is so much better than in the USA. I would almost, almost consider having #7. But no. I am 42 after all, and I do, finally, have two in college. So no. Slightly tempting. But no. Really. No.

Szofia, I forgot you as well. I'm going to come clean. People, I live for sticky notes. I live for notes stuck up on the walls around my computer. I have a HUGE whiteboard I scribble kit ideas on, urgent "to-do's" and I am just not functioning right without my space, with my decrepit laptop and my tiny hotel. I greatly apologize for my scatter-brainedness and my I-think-I-can, I-think-I-can, I-think-I-can.... I.... think... I....

Anyway, thank God for my fabulous Admin Staff and their help! As for you, my sincere apologies and check our PM. Coupon is there.



Originally Posted by szofia View Post
Hi Toiny,
I was just about to ask the same question as the ladies before me (I was also among the fortunate 42), but I see you have laptop issues... I totally sympathise, I know what it is like, I'm on maternal leave with my one-year-old kid, and my internet connection at home is SOOOO slow compared to what I'm used to at the university where I teach... I'm going mad with staring at the status bar, waiting for a web page to load for what seems like ages.
Anyway, it looks like my PM also dissipated somewhere in the Matrix, so if things clear out a littlebit, would you be so kind as to resend it to me once again?
Thank you,

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