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Hey Kathy,

This does happen sometimes. And it is very frustrating. It seems to be an issue w/computers and looking at their cache. Try clearing all your cookies/history and closing your browser then signing in to the gallery again. It should "stick" that way.

SAS is run on two different servers w/three different softwares and the cache issue does tend to crop up. I truly apologize and I hope this fix works so I can see some LO's!



Originally Posted by kladle View Post
I am having problems with the gallery. I can be logged into the forum but when I head over to the gallery, it doesn't show my as logged in. I log back in and it does the thank you for logging in message and then when it goes back to the gallery it doesn't show me as logged in. Thinking that maybe I needed to register separately for the gallery, I tried that but it says that it already shows I have registered. Can anyone help me? I'm just trying to upload photos, but can't get the upload button without the login. Very confused!


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