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Default Cool Photoshop tip

I just discovered this so if you all already knew this I apologise, I am just excited when I find out something new LOL

Okay you know how you do a screen capture, press print screen button well here's a few different shots you can get in pscs4, not sure about other programs.

when you have a normal screen capture you get your tool bar and start menu, everything on your screen right? well if you hold down the alt button while doing the screen capture it will only capture the photoshop program part of your screen. Cool Huh!!

And if you go one step further and hold the alt button then put your cursor over a layer like you are going to clip it you'll get only the document you are working on in the capture. I love this it will save me a lot of clipping when doing screen shots. Woo hoo
And I just had to share rofl!!
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