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I gotta tell you Miss Julie, this is by FAR the most generous gift I've ever seen in a scrapping site JUST for posting a kick a** layout!!! I'm so excited to be part of the choosing, but scared I finally got a look at the gallery today and man, there are some AWESOME layouts in there already.

I posted this on the general board today, but it bears mentioning here too with such a great prize at stake. When you upload a layout, check to see if it can qualify for any additional galleries aside from just your own member gallery. For example, if you make a layout using one of our designer's kits, be sure you also upload the layout to that designer's gallery as well.

And to all of the Creative Teams of the site or individual designers, be sure you not only post your layouts to the designer's gallery, but to your member gallery as well.

To do this, just upload your layout as usual and on the second page that comes up you get a drop down menu of additional galleries to post your layouts to. USE IT!!!!!! The more we see of your wonderful layouts the better your chance is of being chosen for this prize!!!

Good luck to everyone....this is so exciting!!!! :p
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