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Oh just reading this thread brings in the warm and wonderful memories of Thanksgiving. My has changed since I was a little girl. We always went to grandma's house and everyone was there. At least 20 people or more. Now I sometimes have it at my house or my in laws. My mom has a tiny apartment so there is no room there. I too put up my christmas decorations the friday after and keep them up till the day after christmas.

Now this time is made even more hectic in the fact that my sons' birthday is November 25th and hers is December 5th. I do a big party for them and this year it is November 28th. So my christmas decorations will have to wait till the week after or Sunday if I'm motivated. This year is my daughter's first year of kindergarten and the nut that i am invited her whole class. All 20 of them! Gosh I'm in for it now! Now I normally do lunch for the family followed by their presents and cake and icecream . This year I'm mixing it up. Her party with friends from 1 to 3 and then his starts at 3. So two cakes but at two different times. Then I'll do dinner for the whole family. OH I'm a glutten for punishment, but I lvoe it.