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Oh Berny crossing my fingers and praying they are all well enough to give you a wonderful day hun. I Hope you get lots of lovely Scrappy presents Berny. And how lovely for you all to talk on the speaker phone on christmas day.

Jeanette, yes they definitely get harder as they get older. And now that christopher is starting to surprise me by getting me presents I never thought he would consider I now get introuble if I buy anything without consulting him first just in case he is planning the same thing as a present. That happened with the slr camera. I bought one and he got me one too LOL. I still don't know if he ever got his money back or decided to keep it or regift it to his girlfriends rofl!! It's hard to ask for things too when you are used to being SANTA for everyone. Oh but I am getting a hint from Hubby. He mentioned that maybe Mac was the way to go next time, but I can't get a Mac because my photoshop is for Microsoft, but it's exciting that he is talking about it. Fingers crossed LOL.
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