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Berny, here's to hoping no illness for anyone so you can all enjoy your day together!!! That is so nice that you use the phone to communicate all together for Christmas!

I always wish for my family to be all together for the holidays, but it never seems to work out that way! My brother lives about 3 1/2 hours away from us, and his drive down with the family depends on the weather - last year they couldn't make it because of an ice storm, so I didn't get to see them until the following week!

Usually we head to my parents house on Christmas Eve and celebrate with my family with a big Turkey & Ham dinner and unwrapping gifts... We go to my Aunt's house for dinner and just the basic hanging out... my Aunt is like my 2nd Mom and her house was always my 2nd home! The 3 girls (my cousins) are there, and Tara's hubby & two little girls, so it makes for quite a housefull! But everyone loves to watch the 4 little ones open their presents!

Christmas Day is spent with hubby's family... we have early Christmas morning @ home, now that we have kids, so they can open their presents from Santa and then we head next door to Great Gram & Gramp's house for more present opening! And when I say more.... I mean EVERYTHING!!! They have a tradition in his family that everyone brings all of the gifts to Gram's house on Christmas morning and we all sit around opening gifts from everyone! It's pure chaos, with wrapping paper flying through the air, piles of gifts everywhere and just a general feeling of excitement & fervor! LOL! I love it! It's the closest feeling to being a child at Christmas as we can get! Once the chaos is over, we take all of our gifts home and wait for Gram's Prime Rib dinner! mmmm-mmmm! This woman is like a gourmet cook, so it is absolutely delicious!!! I always tell her she should have her own cooking show on TV, she puts Paula Dean & Rachael Ray to shame! LOL!

And that's pretty much it... after we stuff ourselves at dinner, we sit around watching A Christmas Story (you'll shoot your eye out!) Gotta love that movie! lol
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