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LOL Jean Ann!

Tracy, when I was a kid and my Grandmother was still alive, all of us would go to my Gramma's house - now, picture it: My Grandmother had 10 kids, all of whom are married and have anywhere from 2-6 kids each - THAT was a houseful!! LOL! They used to have a grab bag type of thing each year because nobody could buy presents for ALL of the kids, there were just too many of us! So, all of our names were put into a hat and everyone drew names and that's who you bought presents for that year! Of course, Gramma & Pa bought presents for all of us, but it was usually something really small - I'm not kidding when I tell you that I have about 40+ cousins!! And, now that they are all having kids too, I can't even count all of my 2nd cousins!!! LOL! We're one fertile family over here!
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