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My dad was one of 6 and my mom one of 8, but they settled far away from their families, so our Christmases were always just us - 2 parents, 3 daughters.

Now that we're older and have kids of our own, mostly all grown, it feels a lot more like a big family Christmas hubbub. This year we're actually having to split it a bit though - my DH didn't have enough seniority to get any days off at Christmas, so my family agreed to celebrate early (as we frequently had to do when dad was working emergency room shifts). So dad gets all his kids and grandkids by blood on the 22nd, and his wife's brothers and their families on the 24th. Then we celebrate with DH's family a few days after Christmas.

Right now my biggest wish for Christmas (in the realistic field) is finding a source for 12x12 frames cheaply so that I can give people layouts for Christmas. The rest are all out of the ballpark, things like DSLRs, lots of money and world peace
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