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Oh... I'm sooooo excited!!! We just ordered the boy his very first REAL drum set!! He'll be 5 in January, so perfect age to have his own! He's been playing daddy's drums for a few years now!

I can't wait to see his face when he see's them all set up in the middle of the living room - gotta have the video camera ready for that one!! lol

Jeanette - this is the first year my little one's are really catching on to the whole Christmas thing, too - my son said something very similar after we finished decorating the tree a few days ago.. I just love to relive the excitement of Christmas through them!

I was telling them the story of Baby Jesus and God & the whole she-bang and my son was very interested and kept asking ??, the girl not so much, but she is 15 months younger than him, so I just don't think she's there yet.. anyway, after I get done telling the story and answering the ?? my son say's to me

"So, Mommy... God is the REAL Santa then, right?"

I just about lost it.... kids are something sometimes!
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