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LOL... lock them up & throw away the key. I've actually got a lot of the backend stuff resolved today, the techie guy is about to come in and, fingers-crossed, work his magic!

I have every single one of your LO's on the "old" server, I'm using it as a full back-up/storage. I've passed it on the Diego as well. I'm not promising it will all be restored tonight, store & uploading is first, but it is on his to-do list.

Hang tight guys! We are really soooo close.

Originally Posted by Jiskefet View Post
The forum is A-OK.
But we'd better lock the techies in the basement till they get the rest of the site solved (that's how they do it at the Nut House - we all get locked in the basement to get our LOs or kits done... ).

I cannot upload to the gallery, I cannot download a kit from the studio, and 90% of all my LOs have vanished from the gallery.......
I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms....... :eek:

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