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It annoys me too LOL! It's definitely on the to-do list, if not a little further down.

Question, do you prefer it to open in the same window, in effect replacing what you were looking at; or in a new tab (vs. new window). I've been debating this internally & you're the first one to bring it up!


Originally Posted by SpitfireCK View Post
Again, the site looks great and the improvements are obvious! I do have an occurance which is different than the past, and may already be on the wonderfully magical Diego's list...a new IE(7) browser window opens when I use the site navigation tabs at the top of the site. It's certainly not a big deal, but wanted to mention it in case no one else has. My previous two annoyances with the site as it worked in the past are gone and it just tickles me pink (not staying logged in and overall speed)!! What a huge undertaking and it's been very smooth, I think.

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