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Ok, here's my report...I've been jumping all around the site using the navigation buttons at the top of the page (forum, news, home, gallery & blogs specifically). Each one opens a new browswer window (I know that's on the to-do list to resolve) but I stayed logged in no matter where I went.
I selected 'log off' then logged back in selecting the box 'remember' password and jumped around again and remained logged in.
I'm using IE7 and don't have too many customized properties on it, so I don't think there's anything special going on.
Jiskefet, a thought may be to check your browser properties to see if there's an option which prevents saving/caching passwords. What browser are you using, that may make a difference in experience as well. If it's different than what I'm using we should try to find someone using the same so they can test too.
Hang in there Jiskefet, it'll all start shaking out gradually day by day as Diego does his magic workign through the to-do list and learning what the user experience is like to make adjustments.
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