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I just tried that tip about using the ALT key to make all your layers except the one you click on disappear, and it works in Photoshop, too! Thanks for the tip, that's a very neat one! I have a couple of tips that might be useful....If you hit the TAB key in PS all your palettes will disappear--this can be very helpful when you are working with a large image (especially on a smallish screen lol). To get the palettes back, just hit the TAB key again. Another tip: to create a merged copy of several layers within any document in PS, close all the layers except the ones you want in your merged image, create a blank layer at the top of your layers, then hit the Ctrl+Shift+Alt (Option on a Mac)+E key. You will still have all your individual layers but you will also have a merged copy in the blank layer (it's called "stamp visible" in the History palette). I use this all the time when I'm making my scrapbooking designs, especially when I have applied layer styles to some of the layers and then want to add a new layer style to the merged image. As far as I know, the only way you can do this is via the key combination, there is no equivalent in the file menu.

Hope someone finds these helpful!

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