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Default Anyone else finding the new quite an adjustment

I was wondering if anyone is finding adjusting to the new name and the new things kind of odd...kinda like the feel of the place is different. It's probably just me,but with the new name change ,I have forgotten about the site almost totally this is only my 2nd time here and I had to put it on a list of things to do to remember. I don't remember the new name and the new look of things makes it harder to identify the same place with new name and look.It's like ..when the old name went ..the place kind of died to me. I don't mean for this to sound so awful,but I think it's lost it's something for me.
Isn't that so wierd that a name change,new store, and new looks would make that big of a difference to me ,but it has. Does it seem like it's less colorful here in the forum and in the store too or is it me? It feels kind of dressed down maybe.
Thanks for the ear!
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