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Well ,one thing I have started to do with LO's I print at home in 8x8 size on 8 1/2x11 photopaper is not to trim the LO's for 8x8 albums but use that extra space to write additional comments etc. & put in 3 ring larger albums.
And I sure agree that to keep our digisupplies organized is an on going project.Not only do we need to keep track of the designer of the kit,paper element but seasonal supplies,holiday kits, word art, overlays,colors etc. I started a separate catalog in photshopelements organizer for digi supplies with a tag system. I have only a tiny fraction of my stuff in that catalog. Just seems too time consuming to keep it up & a real pain opening up different catalogs . I've accidently downloaded photos to digisupply catalog etc.
I know, I know I am just being a hum bug. I must be in one of my negative moods.
Actually setting up some photo browser for digisupples with a tag system is a good the way to go. I set up my tag system using Patty Debowski's tag system.(you can goggle if interested. I don't have her link easily available.) It is a very comprehensive digisupply tag system. I just wish I knew about this when I started so I wouldn't be so overwhelmed now to get my kits tagged.

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