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^^^ OMGoodness! LORI!!! ^^^

Hiya lady!! How are things? I hope much better than the last time we heard from you! It's nice to have you back!

Lori is the one that turned me on to File Amigo - I don't use it to organize my scrap stuff (except for my DVD's), but I use it for a whole heap of other things, thanks Lori!!

As far as organizing - I found a system that works for me, so I stick with it! I pretty much only use theStudio supplies right now, so it's easy for me to find what I'm looking for! lol But, for all the other stuff I have, here's what I do:

  1. I have one main "SCRAPBOOKING" folder
  2. In this folder, I have 2 subfolders: "PERSONAL" & "COMMERCIAL" (you can add a third for "S4H/O" if you need to separate)
  3. In my "PERSONAL" folder, I have 2 subfolders: "STORE" & "BLOG" (lets me separate my store purchases and blog freebies)
  4. In my "STORE" folder, I have subfolders for each store I purchase from (ex: theStudio, Scrapbird, DSO, etc...)
  5. In each of those folders, I have subfolders for each designer I've purchased from for that particular store (ex: Piggyscraps, Ambowife, DarleneH, etc...)
  6. In these folders, I have subfolders for each kit by that particular designer, sorted by Kit name, and one main "PREVIEW" folder for all of the kit previews (so it's easy to find which kit I want to use by that particular designer)
  7. In my "BLOG" folder (going back up to step 3) I have subfolders for each blog I've downloaded freebies from, with corresponding freebies located inside - the folders are usually named with the BLOG NAME, just so I remember if I want to go back and check out that blog again! (way better than a gazillion bookmarks that I don't ever go back and check! )
  8. In my "COMMERCIAL" folder (heading back up to step 2), I have 2 subfolders: "CREDIT" & "NO CREDIT" (Helps me when it comes time to give credits for CU products used)
  9. In these folders, I have subfolders by type of product, ex: bows, ribbons, overlays, etc...
  10. In these folders, I have subfolders by Designer, ex: TwinMomScraps, mITSYBELLE, MoonDesigns, etc...
  11. Within these folders are the actual files, with only ONE folder for Previews & TOU's for that particular Designer
I don't ever separate my scrap kits into categories - If I find something in a kit that I love, I copy that file to another folder called "BASIC SCRAP SUPPLIES" (renamed to include Designer Name-Kit Name) Ex: Piggyscraps has some wonderful little staples in her kits that I love to use with other kits, so I copy them into my "BASIC SCRAP SUPPLIES" folder so I know exactly where they are when I want them! Darlene also has some great frames that I love to use, so those are copied over to the folder also! Makes it so much easier than trying to remember which kit they came from! And, this folder DOES NOT get burned or removed from my computer so it's always available when I need it! In the event of a crash, I will be a little ticked that I have lost my easily accessible folder, but I know that the original files are still okay on a DVD somewhere! LOL!

Reason why I don't split kits: I don't ever find myself scrapping with a kit and looking for "something else" that isn't already in my "BASIC SCRAP" folder! If I need a different color, I can recolor that element/paper to suit my needs...or, If I'm looking for a frame, I can make one from one of the papers/elements in the kit... so I'm never really searching for something that specific and it always seemed like a waste of my time...

I have all of my DVD's cataloged in File Amigo, with a breakdown of what is on which DVD (with previews!) - all my DVD's are numbered, and in a big DVD binder, so they are really easy to find! Well, at least the past years DVD's anyway! Anything before that is a big pile of unsorted mess that I tend to send to the corner and forget about!

In essence, I tried to get "super organized" with dates, store names, specifics, etc... but it was taking WAY too long to do! So I figured on this... as long as I have the designer & kit name, I'm good to go when it comes time to posting online!! That's really all you need to list as a credit anyway! Knowing the date & store you got it from is just gravy, in my opinion! I don't think designers are too pushy about customers advertising for them like that! CT members, maybe, but not customers! They're just happy you bought their kit and liked it enough to make a layout with it!!

And now that I've finished my novel, I'll be back next week when you finish reading it!
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