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Post Important news re Color Challenge

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to give you al a heads up on the next few month of our fun Color Challenge. I'm taking some much needed time out from my designing work to complete my degree which has been getting short change of late (I'm not the best studier in the world lol) so the fabulous Monica will be handling the Color challenge as of February for me. You can be sure of a fun and exciting time with her and hopefully a fresh face will help keep the creative juices flowing?

Meanwhile, I'm not going anywhere, I'll just be invisable as such until I've completed my course so keep your fingers crossed for me and keep a warm place by the fireside for my return in a few months time.

Don't be surprised if you see me occassionally, I WILL be popping in and out just to keep myself in the loop of things.

Hugs hugs to all and a special thanks to Monica for helping me out with this.

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