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Originally Posted by boo.6204 View Post
How do you use a plug-in? I have CS3 so where would I put this and how would I use it??? Your help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks and hugs
Boo x

I use PSE5, but I'm sure it's almost the same location....

After you download, go to the self-extracting file, double-click, and extract to this file path:


Your's will say "CS3" instead of "Elements5.0" I think... or something to that affect...

This will put a folder named "optikVerveLabs" inside your Filters folder... follow the same steps with each of the bonus downloads, except you want to put them in the "optikVerveLabs" folder.

When you want to use it, it should be listed under your Filters menu in Photoshop... if you want to use the bonus dowloads, you need to open up Virtual Photographer, and then click the load button located at the bottom-middle, then choose which bonus you want to load...

If you have any questions, or need help, just let me know!! Hope this makes sense!
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