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Default 10 for 10 free coupon

I've been trying to get the coupons for the 10for10 offers, and sofar I haven't been able to. I already had to give my creditcard # once, and was charged. Luckily I received a coupon to use in the store for the amount it was charged for, but...... Even if I put only the 10for10 order in my shoppingcart, it still wants my creditcard#.
Am I missing something in the order of things? I really don't want to have things charged to my creditcard unless I have to. LOL

My understanding of the process: Put the 10for10 in your basket and check-out. You will receive an email with a coupon. You go back into the store and put the individual kits in your basket. Go to checkout, enter coupon, and you receive the downloadlinks......... Is that how it should work? I just cannot get past the checkout on the first part. :eek:

Have 2 emails in, but no reply received. Figured I try this way. If it's a flaw in my thinking, I'm sorry, but can you tell me how to go about this?
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