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Wow wow, what an awesome turnout. Sorry I had to leave right on time.

Here are the instructions:

Step One:
Two papers, one as background, make strip of the other one. Place it anyway you want.
Step Two:
Attach strip to paper with any kind of fastners
Step Three:
Add two frames and photos.
Step Four:
Add a flourish or foilage or both under frames
Step Five:
Add at least two flowers and one other element on top of frames
Step Six:
Add a title or word art and one line of journaling. (date is acceptable)

I had a great time and we will do this again. If you post a layout in the speed scrap gallery here and weren't in chat or missed the freebie, I will send you a PM with the link.

If you were missed, please PM me and I will send you the link.

Don't forget to post a reply here so we can love on your layout.

Thanks again for coming!!!



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