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You're absolutely right, Toiny! This is a great tip and something I always do. I usually create a program-specific layered file called DESIGN TESTING so that I can see the effect of the elements when placed on the papers. Sometimes this results in the necessity of recolouring, etc. of papers and/or elements so that they "work well" together. And as you said, it makes it much, much easier to assemble the preview!

PS ... Love the new look!


Originally Posted by Piggyscraps View Post
Katlen, I just had a great hint tossed my way the other day (month?) and it's worked wonders for my Designing.

Take a paper in your new kit. Start building your preview on it as you Design. Not only does it help you keep perspective & palette accurate but it also lets you see how your kit is developing and what it still needs. Bonus? Your preview is done when your kit is done!