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Well, I really don't think I'm all that experienced to be giving criticism, but I guess I'll try, only because I have a couple of LO's I'm adding here in a few days and I want honest opinions, good or bad!!

I love the way this LO is constructed... the circle and paper strips behind the photo are great! And love that alpha!

I like the idea of the white words on the paper strips that someone posted in the gallery. I also love the idea of putting a little blue grunge around the photo, making it black&white, and then bringing the blue of his shirt and eyes through, I think that would make your photo really pop out at you!

I also think that maybe you should adjust the hue's of the blues (no, I didn't mean it to rhyme! :p ) so that there is more of a contrast between the papers, but sticking with the whole "blue" color-scheme... ya know, some darker, some lighter... But, overall, keep the mostly blue, with white accents, because it matches his shirt!

As far as the "blank" part on the right, I think some corner flourishes, maybe some star overlays or something to that effect, would put the finishing touches on it!

Just some ideas thrown out there...
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