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A - Antelope
B - Bandicoot
C - colorado potato beetle
D - Dingo
E - Eland
F - Flamingo
G - Gorilla
H - Hippo
I - Iguana
J - Jaguar
K - Killer Whale
L - leopard
M- Monkey
N- Nettlefish
O - Orangatang
P - Panda
Q - Quoll
R - Rabbit
S - snow leopard
T- Tyrannosaurus (well, I was a teacher for too
U - Urochs (an extinct bison, seemed in keeping with last post)
V - Velociraptor (seems like we have a pattern forming rofl)
W - Wasp (sorry broke the Roll) I'm allergic to these little stingers.
X - xenops(a small tropical rainforest bird )
Y - yak
Z - Zonkey (a zebra/donkey mix breed)

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