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From the Piggy Tuesday 23rd: Use-Those-Papers Speed Scrap

Hey all,

Just to entice you to join me for my Speed Scrap this afternoon/tonight (2:00 pm EST).

Everyone in the chat will be give this paper pack FREE. You will be welcome to use this for the Speed Scrap (it's called Use-those-papers for a reason) or any paper pack(s) of your choice.

And Directions for anyone participating post Chat (pssst, I will pick one lucky winner to give away the freebie too as well):

Step 1: Download papers and/or choose 5-10 papers from your own stash.
Step 2: Choose 1 photo. Make 1 copy, convert to black & white (you now have 2 photos)
Step 3: Place your background paper. Just 1. Plain(ish) is best.
Step 4: Choose a solid shape (square, circle, rectangle, heart, butterfly)
Step 5: Arrange 6-12 copies of the shape on your paper. Add drop shadows.
HINT: Mine are 3 rows by 3 columns = 9 shapes
Step 5: Clip a different paper to each shape, except for 2 shapes. Leave unclipped.
Step 6: Clip a copy of the photo, 1 color, 1 black-n-white to the remaining 2 shapes.
Step 7: Add a title or wordart near the bottom
Step 8: Add plain black clipart (heart, butterfly, boat, caterpillar) to top corner
fficeffice" />

That’s it! Post your finished LO here:

See you then!




my email

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