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Default Re: Will be absent for a while

Thank you all so much!!
It is a busy time, my husband and I have to make all the arrangements for the funeral, choose the music, etc.. And Easter monday being a national holiday, we have one day less to get everything in order. The big blow will come when the funeral is over, I expect....

But it really was time for him to go, he had nothing more to live for, his body was shutting down, and even mentally, he was slipping away. But he kept his sense of humor till the very end. One of the nurses told me that they played a game a few weeks ago. Everyone had to mention something that could be found on the beach. So one person said: seashells, another seaweed, another sand..... guess what my father said?

Sophia Loren on a bathing towel......

That's my dad as I have known him all my life. His sense of humor never left him.

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